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5 Ways to Boost Your Client’s Curb Appeal

They say you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover but, when it comes down to looking at homes, that’s exactly what we end up doing. Having poor curb appeal is like showing up to an interview in jeans and a t-shirt. There may be a lot to offer, but it may not matter if your first impression comes across poorly. Curb appeal is your key to great first impressions. If your client doesn’t think curb appeal is important – or they don’t have the time or money to tend to it – offer these simple suggestions...

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Real Estate Agent Tips: Out Of Town Clients

As a realtor, opportunities arise from time to time when you get a client that is deciding to move from another city or state. Helping your client through this process has a new set of challenges than that of a local client. Here are our real estate agent tips for helping you through this process. Respect Your Client’s Time Horizon: Time is paramount. No matter your business model or industry, time is the one commodity that comes in short supply. In Las Vegas, real estate brokers (agents) are constantly challenged by this market force. Thankfully, top real estate brokers can...

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Why Following Up with Clients Closes Transactions

To close real estate transactions a broker [agent] must develop a strong level of communication with a client.  A relationship must be established and carefully developed over time.  The importance of this relationship resides in the reality of ignoring a client’s needs or failing to engage with them results in a loss of that relationship. The easiest remedy for real estate brokers [agents] to take is consistently “Following Up”.  Whether assessing a new lead or a current client, there are 3 Key Principles of Following Up: Concise Communication with Clients: Taking the time create a Follow Up (tailored message) allows for a...

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Nevada Homeownership Part One: 2017 Supply and Demand

Real Estate Markets are cyclical.  Whether you are a Las Vegas real estate broker or agent, throughout your career you will be subject to the cyclical impacts of Supply and Demand.  When the local market enters either a Supply or Demand cycle, acknowledging this transition is only half the battle.  Understanding how to conduct your business and properly address a client’s homeownership goal(s) is the other priceless half. Basics of Real Estate Supply and Demand Cycles: Real Estate professionals generally have experienced at least one Supply and Demand cycle in their market.   Nevertheless, as with many industry market trends,...

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Will Millennials or Gen-Z Influence the Real Estate Market Faster?

Millennials or Gen-Z – we break down which group we believe will have a bigger impact on the real estate market over the next several years.

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Be the Best Real Estate Agent by Working with the Best

A guide for real estate agents whom want to reach the top of the industry. Being the best means working with the best!

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