3 “Musts” of a Successful Real Estate Agent

The world of real estate is a highly competitive industry. There are an overwhelming number of agents out there – so what makes you different? What makes you stand out against the others and thrive in your career as a real estate agent?

There is a ton of good advice out there and great resources available that can benefit your business. We wanted to highlight three of the practices and qualities that we think are essential in being a successful agent.

Know Your Stuff

It’s imperative you develop a thorough understanding of the contracts, supporting documents and overall process involved in a real estate transaction – this is why clients hire agents, after all! You need to be able to explain every line of a contract to your clients and answer any questions that may come up during the relationship. This doesn’t mean you can’t utilize your resources. If there are topics that need clarification from a lender, an escrow officer, or your broker – get the right answers!

Keep in mind that laws, procedures and documents are frequently updated, and the market is continually shifting. Successful agents make a regular effort to educate themselves on the latest news in the real estate industry, especially in their own market.

Patience is a Virtue

Patience is one of the most valuable traits in a good real estate agent. Not only do you need to develop patience with wary sellers or indecisive buyers, you’ll need this skill in dealing with other agents, banks, lenders, escrow companies and any other party involved in the process. (If you’ve been in the Las Vegas market during our flood of shortsales, you’ll know exactly what we mean!)

Use your knowledge of the process and the market to help ease your clients’ stress and remember that although you deal with these issues on a day-to-day basis, these are big decisions for most buyers and sellers. You’re going to deal with a variety of personalities within the real estate industry. Our advice? “Keep calm and carry on!”


Keeping open lines of communication with everyone involved, every step of the way, will lead to happy clients! Keeping in constant contact with the client, the other agent, the inspector, the lender, the escrow officer and any other industry professionals involved means nothing should slip through the cracks. When a client receives regular updates, it puts their mind at ease and develops trust. Industry professionals appreciate working with an organized and reliable agent, and developing these positive relationships is key in building your reputation and growing your business.

Elite Realty wants to see our agents succeed and this is the reason we have high expectations of our agents. By maintaining a team of educated and experienced agents collaborating in a positive and energetic environment, we have gained a reputation as an industry leader. Through in-house continuing education classes, our “Elite University” program, mentorship programs and the “open door” policy of our broker, Elite Realty continues to offer the best real estate services in the Las Vegas valley.