3 Quick and Easy Staging Tips for an “Elite” Listing

As part of our Elite team, we want to provide tools and helpful information that can help you provide the best service and get top dollar for your clients’ listings. When preparing to list a home, there are some easy and inexpensive staging tips you may want to suggest to your seller. These simple efforts can improve the presentation of your listing and make a lasting impression on prospective buyers.

1. Less is More

A clean, simple and inviting space is essential when preparing a home for showing. Remember that you want possible buyers to picture themselves living there – this is hard to do when they’re distracted by excessive clutter. Suggest they pack away all the “extras” including personal items such as books, photos, and children’s toys. If these items need to be stored at the house, they should be stored neatly and efficiently. Buyers want to see that there is ample storage space.

2. Freshen Up

Painting is a simple and relatively inexpensive way to make a home feel fresh and inviting. A new coat can brighten things up and help eliminate any lingering odors. Consider swapping out dark colors for a lighter, more neutral shade. Replacing dated doorknobs or cabinet pulls can also make a great difference.

3. First Impressions

We tend to focus our attention on the interior, but don’t forget that the exterior makes the first impression. The front yard and entryway should be swept clean or pressure-washed if needed. Be sure that the door, the hardware and windows are clean. A potted plant can make it more welcoming by adding some color and life. Don’t neglect the backyard! Even if the yard doesn’t have award-winning gardens, simply tidying up and trimming is well worth the effort.

We hope these tips are helpful to you and your sellers. If you have any topics you would like us cover, please let us know. We want to provide the tools you need to best service your clients and maintain Elite Realty as one of the best Las Vegas real estate brokerages to work with. Happy selling!