3 Tips to Help You Pursue and Convert Real Estate Leads

Leads are a real estate agent’s lifeline, and following up is a huge part of being successful in real estate. These days, leads can come from a variety of sources including referrals, sign calls, mailers, social networking, website inquiries and more. Developing the skill of effective and efficient follow-up will dictate the growth of your business, and therefore, your income! We’ve outlined three important practices that can help.

1. Have an Objective

What is your ultimate goal in pursuing this lead? You probably want to get a listing appointment or buyers consultation, right? Then make it your goal to book an appointment with them! Reaching out just to say “hi” doesn’t provide them with useful information or a call to action, and probably isn’t a very effective use of your time. It takes practice and finesse, but you can be direct without coming off as overbearing or aggressive. Many people will appreciate you being straightforward and recognize your drive, focus and communication skills.

2. Prioritize

Categorize your leads based on their projected time frame. Naturally, you’ll want to make it a priority to get in touch with the “hot” leads right away. If they’re ready to go, they’ll move on quickly if they don’t hear back from you in a timely manner. In addition to dividing them into groups based on time frame, try to determine their commitment level. How dedicated do you think they are to meeting with you? Did they seem genuinely interested to hear back from you? Put those that seem most promising at the top of each list. Decide when a lead is “dead”, remove them from your active lists and invest your time and energy into leads that could turn results.

3. Make an Impression

Don’t assume that you’re the only agent they’re talking to. Make an effort to stand out amongst the others. Really want to “wow” a prospective client? Remember them! Keep an organized contact list with detailed notes on where the lead came from, and any communication you’ve had with them. Think of how impressed they might be to hear from you months later and have you ask how their son’s wedding went. These personal touches and attention to detail make people feel special, and not like they’re just another number. What else can you do? Follow through on your promises. If they asked you to call them again in 3 months, do it.
While learning to pursue leads isn’t always easy, it’s a skill you must commit to developing as an agent. What’s the worst that can happen? They could say “no”. While no one likes rejection, it is definitely part of the job. Learn from your experiences and apply what you learn to improve your methods. Remember that when you’re working with different personality types, it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach.

All in all, be persistent and be yourself. You will enjoy your job more when you work with people you “click” with. Not every client is going to be a perfect match, but you can set your intention to find those that are!

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