5 Personal Assistant Apps to Help You Stay Organized

Do you wish you had an assistant to help you remember to submit that proposal on time, hop on that conference, and mail out that birthday card to one of your clients?

Since it seems like the entire universe exists on a digital playing field, why not go out there and hire your own assistant today? Many of them can even be on-boarded for free!

We’re talking, of course, about the world of personal assistant apps. Many of them will tie your calendar, e-mail, and popular apps together, keeping you on point for every meeting, showing, and closing.

While the rest of the world searches for realtors in Las Vegas, why not be that realtor who always seems to have it all together? Take a look at these apps that are completely changing the game for Las Vegas realty companies.


When HOUND hit the “digital streets” in 2016, it was being touted as smarter than voice assistant “Queen Siri!” Even today, it continues to sniff out the major competition, making sure it integrates you with all the right digital players, including Yelp, Uber, and Expedia.

HOUND also takes things one step further. Instead of asking for hotels in Dublin, you can even make some special requests (i.e. hotels with free shuttle service in Dublin that are under $230.)

It adapts to accents, uses Bing when Google won’t do, and even follows up with you on prior requests. We suppose it is slightly more advanced than Siri, and we like it!

2. Google Now

What would life be like without Google? There’s no escaping the ties that bond us. So, why not dive in with your very own Google assistant?

If you live by the Google Five: e-mail, calendar, maps, search, and YouTube, Google Now’s your gal.

It does everything its arch-nemesis, Siri, is able to do; such as help you find hotels for your next business trip, makes posts to social media, set alarms/reminder and even send text messages.

Total Google immersion does have its perks; Google Now helps you plan ahead in so many ways. Here’s an example:

Since you use Google maps, it’ll know your route to work every morning. Should the need ever arise, Google Now will gently tap you on the shoulder, alerting you to any traffic on your morning commute. Pretty nice pal to have around, right?

3. Quip

Quick! Name one of the biggest tech giants in the world! Did you say Mark Zuckerberg? Well, if Quip is good enough for him, it’s good enough for us. In case you’re still not sold, it’s also the go-to app for the folks over at Instagram and Quora.

If you work with a tight team of people always in need of document review, spreadsheets, and checklists, Quip will house them all for you, keeping everyone on the same page. Don’t you kind of love their tagline? More powerful than a three-hour meeting.

Indeed, this app helps items get reviewed even faster. Simply pass along your documents or feedback, all-the-while tracking everyone’s progress. Quip’s definitely a winner, by all accounts.

4. 24me

24me is another app that gets us pretty excited. It, too, will automatically know when it’s time to remind you of your next appointment. Although it’s not part of the Google family, it will sync with your e-mail, calendar, to-do lists, notes, and social media apps. We all know the importance of our social media accounts when securing new business.

Rated as one of the top 10 productivity apps in Apple’s App Store, 24me allows you to share notes with co-workers, remember when to send Facebook messages to your friends, and pretty much plan your entire life. (Although it’s well-loved by Apple users, it’s also available in Google Play for Android users.) Having everything all in one place is absolutely achieved with 24me.

5. Wunderlist

Do you remember the days of scribbled lists on legal pads? We kind of miss those days. What we don’t miss are those moments when we couldn’t find the right lists when we needed them!

If you ‘re looking for a nice, clean interface to house everything that’s running through your mind, give Wunderlist a try. The next time you’re showing a house, if a client tells you what their favorite brand of Cabernet is, simply pop open Wunderlist, and now you know what to give them for the holidays.

Don’t we all keep lists anywhere there’s a pen and paper or a keyboard handy? Well, the best thing about Wunderlist is that it keeps it all together, packaged in a nice & neat interface.

As your business continues to boom, so will those to-do lists, appointments, and follow-ups.

Any of these apps can be integrated into the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We hope you’ll give one of them a try!

Next up, we’re going to discuss the best social media platforms to help you increase client appeal. So, feel free to visit our blog for all the latest and greatest. We’re constantly updating it, with your success in mind.