5 Social Media Platforms that Increase Client Appeal

Raise your hand if you have a Facebook account.

Now raise your hand if you have ever come across an amazing article or tidbit of information in your daily scrolls that stuck with you.  This is the beauty of social media, and it’s not just an opportunity for friends and family to connect anymore.

Businesses can rake in tons of new leads through a vigorous and robust social media presence. If there’s anything you can start doing today to become one of the spotlighted realtors in Las Vegas, it’s making a social media part of your battle plan.

In fact, if we’re being completely honest, social media isn’t a matter of personal preference anymore. It’s an absolute MUST if you want to rank among other top real estate companies in Las Vegas.

In a previous post we talked about which personal assistant apps can help build your company; now we want to shine that same spotlight on you by sharing five social media platforms that will increase your client appeal.


If you’re looking at numbers alone, Facebook is still killing it with more than 2 billion active users around the globe. And the key to social media is to educate people in your industry, while dashing in fun bits of personality.

So, think about your clients – current and potential – all day, every day. Is there an interesting fact or stat you can post that they’ll find helpful? Is there some new design trend they might enjoy reading about? And, of course, get those shiny new listings posted.

But, also take time for a little humanization. Maybe your client’s two-year-old did a happy dance in her future kitchen and they’ll grant you permission to share that moment of fun: do it! It shows that you really care about your clients, and the dream home you are helping them find. It doesn’t really matter how you “get real” with your following, it just matters that you sprinkle in a little bit of professional pizazz.


Numbers and statistics aside, we’d have to say Instagram is our favorite social media platform. As realtors, it’s easy to come up with gorgeous photos that are “Insta-worthy.”

How about that perfectly staged home in Henderson? How about those homeowners who went above and beyond with their curb appeal? Have some fun on Instagram, giving homeowners around the world some inspiration to help them nest in their new home.

If you have a moment, check out our post about boosting your Instagram presence. We did warn you it’s our favorite! In this article, we offer some tips regarding hashtags, video snippets, the all-important dash of personality, and new ways draw in clients.


LinkedIn is one of the few social media platforms that was always meant to be a professional networking site. And while it may have fewer users than Facebook, it’s still the go-to for brand building. You can engage with other professionals and potential clients through discussion boards and blogging.

But, use LinkedIn to think outside the box, as well. Network with local banks, brokers, investors, and business owners. Perhaps you’ll want to expand into the commercial market someday. Many of your leads can begin with LinkedIn.

While we have some fun on Facebook and Instagram with personable photos and short videos, leverage LinkedIn with articles, white-papers, and industry-related reports. Perhaps you’ll share a real estate business plan with your network. With a careful eye on this platform, your brand can truly glisten.

Trulia Voices & Zillow Questions

We wanted to throw in a “realtors-only” social media platform. And both Trulia and Zillow have opened up a gateway for us. Trulia has what’s known as Trulia Voices and Zillow features Zillow Questions.

Folks come onto these discussion board forums to ask general questions. If you step onto the scene with reputable advice, answers, and maybe even a link or two in your responses, you’re likely to grab the attention of a few potential clients.

In the evenings, when you’re catching up on Netflix, hop onto some of these forums and see what discussions you can dip in and out of. The glory of social media is that you never know who you’ll run into on the cyber highway.


Twitter is your mini blog. And it’s an important platform, especially for businesses. As with most social media platforms, the more you post, the more people you’ll draw in.

Pay attention to your “#hashtags” on Twitter. If you incorporate an appropriate set of hashtags, you just might come up in someone’s search today.

Use Twitter as an opportunity to advertise your new listings, but always maintain that client-centric focus. Maybe today you’ll post a listing. But, maybe tomorrow you’ll share some tips from a local moving company.

Social Media Takeover

And that’s how you start to own the social media game! Unfortunately, the most crucial element to a successful run at social media is time. We’re talking  about constant updates, careful hashtag selections, article-sharing, and photos galore.

Perhaps you’ll begin by carving out some time every morning for social media. Don’t get distracted. Make 8:30 – 9:15 a.m. your social media block. We know you’re going to reap some rewards from this steady dedication. And then, check back around lunch time. Many people peruse their social media accounts during 12-1 p.m. So, it’s important to check your social media profiles during this peak time as well.

If you ever have any questions, feel free to send us a line. And, in the meantime, check out our blog from time to time. We’re constantly updating it, with your success in mind. See you out there in the social media stratosphere!