5 Things Every New Real Estate Agent Should Do

Congratulations on joining the ranks of realtors in Las Vegas! Welcome to some of the best chapters of your life. Now that you’re official, there are a couple things you can start doing today to kick-start your career.

By immediately plugging your new business as part of your real estate business plan and getting organized with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, you’ll be able to stand tall above the crowd.

Here are a couple extra tips that will maximize all the hard work you put into passing your licensing exam.

1. Get the Word Out

This includes social media marketing as well as every last friend and family member. On your personal accounts, tell all your friends you’re able, willing, and ready to help them if they’re in the market for a new home.

But here’s a really powerful statistic to keep in mind. Can you believe an astounding 93% of consumers base their buying decisions off social media? You can leverage that kind of influence with a well-run social media marketing campaign. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Also, consider posting a brief, one-minute video introduction. Tell viewers what areas you’ll be serving and why they should work with you when they’re ready to make their home buying dreams a reality.

2. Learn Your Neighborhoods

When you meet your first client, your knowledge of the area should encourage them to fall in love with the neighborhood.

If you know every last nook and cranny, down to the dates of the local farmers market, your knowledge will entice them to see the value in their new surroundings and want to learn more.

Plus, that kind of information-sharing sits well with new homebuyers. You can be sure they’ll tout your helpful nature when reviewing your services.

3. Interview with As Many Firms As You Can

Interviewing for a position within a real estate firm is different than any other job. You want to keep your eye on two things. First, will they nurture you and help you grow? How’s their team spirit? Do you detect a potential mentor who can teach you those real-world lessons we only learn in the field?

Second, what kind of commission split are they offering? Don’t feel you have to accept something like a 50/50 split because you’re new. While compensation is of utmost importance, make sure you weigh any commission splits against the possibility of being taken under a seasoned agent’s wings.

4. Set up a CRM System Immediately

You know that social media post you sent out to friends and family announcing your new career? Start recording the names and contact information of anyone who responds to that outreach attempt in your CRM system.

The more organized you are right from the start, the more successful you’ll be as a real estate agent. A streamlined system will help you target new clients as you start bulking up your social media campaigns.

5. Be Patient

There’s an ugly statistic out there about the number of real estate agents who fail in the first year. You’ve probably heard it before. We’re not even going to repeat it because you’re already standing tall above the crowd, remember?

Just know that, like anyone starting a new business, things take time. Don’t set unattainable goals for yourself in your first year. Allow some room to be joyful if you only sell one home. Expecting anything more might set you up for disappointment.

Instead, focus on the minutia and fine points during your first year. Get your name out there. Find the right firm. Learn how to market yourself through social media. Stay organized. Let your first year serve as the ramp up to a lifelong career filled with success and happiness.

Feel free to visit our blog for more tips and tricks. We’re always updating it, with your success in mind.