7 Essential Apps for Real Estate Agents

When you’re an agent, it can be hard to juggle everything you have to do between the time you wake up and the time you go to sleep. Chances are, you don’t have time to sort through the seemingly endless stream of apps and sites out there. To help you out, we’ve scoured the web for the hottest apps and websites that will help organize even the most hectic realtor schedules.


More than just a note-taking app,  Evernote allows you to save and organize pictures, documents, receipts, and audio files in the cloud so you can easily access them later from any device.  If your colleagues or clients use Evernote, you can send them messages and files easily from anywhere, at any time.


Chances are you’ve heard of Dropbox. If you haven’t, it’s time to sign up for a free account! Dropbox is a user friendly, cloud-based file-sharing program. Instead of sending huge attachments via email, you can upload them to Dropbox and your clients can access them from any device.


Instead of printing off contracts and having to leaf through pages and pages, you can have all parties involved in a transaction send, sign, and approve documents from any device with DocuSign.


Rapportive is a Gmail add-on that searches LinkedIn for your contacts and assigns a face to a name, shows you where they’re located, and even tells you if you have any connections in common. This add-on is especially great for times when you schedule a face-to-face showing or meeting with a potential client via email – you’ll know who you’re looking for before they arrive!


Even the biggest spelling and grammar nerds make mistakes. If one of your New Years resolutions was to take your email marketing to the next level, it’s time you downloaded Grammarly, a browser extension that scans everything you type for errors in real time.  Plus, you get a weekly, personalized email that gives fun reports on your writing, how you stack up to other Grammarly users, and how much you’ve improved.


The ‘Yelp’ of education, GreatSchools is a great resource you can tell your buyers about when they ask you questions about the neighborhood that you can’t legally answer.  Parents and students post reviews, and the school’s test scores and special programs are factored in to the ‘Grade’ the school is ultimately assigned.


If you’re a Las Vegas real estate agent, you’re no stranger to spending hours and hours a week driving to and from meetings, showings, and other events. When tax time rolls around, you’ll be thankful you downloaded MileIQ.  MileIQ is an app that tracks your driving automatically. You can categorize your drives with just a few swipes of your finger, and when it comes time to report your miles, you can download a custom report that will allow you to deduct or expense your mileage with ease.

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