7 Ways to Find Real Estate Leads

Whether you’re new to real estate or an experienced agent, finding new leads is a key component to your success. Here are seven ways you can find new real estate leads.

1: Join a brokerage

Joining a brokerage is perhaps the easiest way for an agent to connect with potential clients who are looking to buy or sell their properties. With so many real estate companies to choose from, it might be difficult to know where to start. Look for brokerages that offer ongoing training and resources to their agents. A good broker will provide the right tools to help their agents find leads and convert them into clients.

2: Connect with moving companies

An ongoing partnership with a local or national moving company can be hugely beneficial for everyone involved. Moving companies are often excited about partnering with real estate agents because they share the same client base. When people relocate to a new city, sometimes they decide that they’d like to rent before they buy in order to scope out their favorite neighborhoods first. In this case, it’s still a good idea to use moving companies to find leads: most renters will eventually buy, and your goal is to make them think of you when they’ve decided on the perfect area.

3: Connect with other real estate agents

Other real estate agents can be great resources when it comes to finding leads. When you’re just starting out, networking is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your success. Brokerages that offer mentorship programs and networking services are great resources for newbies and seasoned veterans alike.

4: Social media

Social media is a regular part of everyday life for many people, and many use it to find information about moving to a new city. Search for keywords like “moving to [your city]”. If you search for the right keywords, you’ll find posts and forums with more leads than you’ll know what to do with. Treat your interactions on the internet like you’d treat a meeting with a potential client in real life: it always pays to be friendly, polite, and helpful. Since posts are permanent, don’t get discouraged if you don’t instantly generate new clients. Always leave your contact information, and future buyers who are browsing for information will be able to see your interactions with others. If you project a helpful online presence about your local market, potential buyers and sellers will be more likely to trust you with what will be one of the most important transactions of their lives.

5: Scout for vacant properties

It’s become so easy to do almost everything online, but sometimes the best way to generate leads is to get in your car and scope out neighborhoods in person. Properties that look unkempt or neglected are often a good place to start, and it’s usually worth trying to track down the owners of these properties. Often, they’re looking to sell but may be having a hard time getting a fair asking price because potential buyers are put off by the home’s appearance.

6: Expired MLS listings

MLS listings that have expired are great for finding leads. If a seller listed their property and the listing expired, they might be having trouble finding a buyer. This is your opportunity to offer your services.

7: Convert a FSBO into a client

Owners who wish to sell their property on their own are usually drawn to the idea that they’ll be able to keep more of the profit. What they don’t realize is that ‘For Sale By Owner’ properties often take longer to sell (and sell for less!) than traditional transactions that use the expertise of a licensed real estate agent. Try reaching out to these owners, you might be pleasantly surprised at their willingness to take on an agent.

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