Creative Ways to Market a Home

Finding new ways to market your real estate listings can be a challenge. Since mostly everyone is now using social media, phone apps, sleep-overs, and/or pop-up open houses; it is imperative to continuously create fresh techniques. Try one of the following options, or use them as a springboard to create your own unique idea.

Easy and Cost Effective

Typically, your first move with a new listing is to list it on the MLS, but perhaps instead of going that route right off the bat, consider holding off on that and giving a few key clients a “sneak peek”. By doing this, you’ll not only get a feel for the appropriate asking price, but you’ll give your clients a feeling of urgency and of being treated special. Also, consider listing homes as a multiple type of property; such as a potential bed-n-breakfast or art studio. Additionally, the next time you are doing an open house, invite folks from the surrounding neighborhood for a special meet-n-greet for the first half hour of the opening time- this not only creates the appearance of numerous interested parties when the actual buyers arrive, but may even prompt someone in the neighborhood to put in a bid. Lastly, when you have subsequent open houses, fill up your Saturday with back-to-back appointments, 30 minutes apart. This can ensure that each buyer will see each other, creating even more urgency.

Good Return on Investment Potential

While these ideas have an out of pocket expense associated, consider them an investment in your future sale(s). First, each property should have a quality, short video featuring the homes’ best features with music which can move potential buyers. Second, consider staging the property- particularly higher end properties. Perception is everything and the potential buyer needs to be able to see themselves in the space. Next, consider a themed and exclusive open house for those pricier homes, such as a cheese and wine party. Lastly, research big companies moving to your area and contact those executives who will be making the move with the company. Even if they don’t end up buying for a year, they will remember you as being proactive and driven, and will likely reach out to you when they’re ready to buy.

Magnum Opus!

If you have the money to invest, create a computer program which asks potential buyers questions about their color palette, art choices, décor style choices, etc. allowing them to see the home as they would decorate it, including their favorite paintings on the walls. This is a fantastic way to help them connect to a property!

Keep your eyes open to new ideas and you’ll be surprised what comes your way. Remember, no one ever said that being at the forefront of an industry was easy, but it is certainly worth the extra effort! If you’re interested in Las Vegas real estate, contact us today to see how we can help!