Email Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

Email marketing is an essential tool to include in your marketing plan as a real estate professional. If you’ve invested time or money into a website, paid placement or any other medium meant to provide lead generation, chances are, it’s going to take some effort to convert them into a client. When properly executed, an email marketing plan is both a time and cost efficient method of producing results.

Why is email marketing an effective tool for real estate agents?

When you capture an email address, you are given a direct method of communicating with a potential buyer, seller or referral source. While your website or social media pages may be a good resource, it’s easy for potential leads to miss out on valuable information if they’re not checking in regularly.

While email once felt like an impersonal way to communicate, it’s now become the preferred method for many. Email allows users to easily regulate and organize the information they receive, and choose how and when to respond.

Email marketing provides a great opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge as a specialist in your market. By sharing updates on current conditions, statistics and trends, you become a valuable source of information, which can establish a sense of trust. Making a move to buy or sell is an important decision and people want to feel comfortable knowing they are working with a knowledgeable and skilled professional.

In addition to generating new leads, email marketing is a great way of keeping in touch with past clients. Whether they need an agent themselves or know someone else who does, sending regular emails remind them that you’re still in business and are committed to putting in an effort to maintain relations.

Considering the benefits of email marketing in real estate, there are important factors to consider when crafting your campaign. We’ve broken down three essential elements to get you started:

Write an Effective Subject Line

The first trick is getting recipients to open your email. Statistics show that 35% of people will choose to open an email based on its subject line. A typical inbox shows just 60 characters of a subject line, so you want to keep it short and direct. Make it descriptive of the content so people know what they’re getting and can easily search their inbox for it at a later date. If you are sending out a market update, consider something like “Las Vegas Real Estate Market Conditions for July 2015”.

Make It Visually Appealing

Experts say you have 3-4 seconds to make an impression when an email is first opened. Using a clean, branded layout is a good place to start. At first glance, your email should appear well organized and easy to read. If you are choosing to provide a lot of information, consider including just a snippet of copy on some topics and include a link back to your website for the full details. Not only does this prevent your email from appearing text-heavy, it’s an effective way to drive more traffic to your website. These additional visits can support your search engine rankings and draw potential leads in to learn more about you and your services.

Incorporating the use of images in email marketing can also increase engagement. Photos or infographics help to break up the content and make it more visually interesting. The images you choose should be high quality and supportive of your content. If you are emailing clients about potential listings, make sure to take attractive listing photos.

Include a Call to Action

Take advantage of the opportunity to provide your mailing list with directive. Invite them to get in touch with questions regarding the market, the process or your services. Consider offering an incentive, such as a free consultation or a complimentary comparative market analysis. Make your contact information prominent and include both phone and email. It’s also important to encourage recipients to share your email, either by forwarding it to a friend or sharing it on social media. Any reputable email marketing service will offer these functions and make them easy to integrate.

At Elite Realty, we’re committed to providing our agents with the latest in digital marketing tools and online technology. Our in-house support staff are here to provide training and assistance that helps to keep them ahead of the competition, while allowing them to stay focused on providing superior service to their clients. If you are looking to join a leading team of Las Vegas real estate agents, contact us at 702-835-5255 to learn more.