Features That May Confuse or Turn-Off Potential Homebuyers

The goal is straight forward- sell the home. You’ve convinced the owners to take down the clown wallpaper in the children’s room and to hire a professional to declutter or clean the home. There’s great curb appeal, plenty of light, and it’s a great location. So why aren’t the offers coming in? Perhaps one of the “unique features” is hurting your home more than it’s helping it.

Unique or Odd?

While the mere idea of a man cave may make most men drool, to a potential home buyer, it may put them off; especially if it has, for example, sports memorabilia of a team they dislike or its very own urinal built into the wall. Buyers need to be able to picture themselves in the space, so it may be a good idea to ask the owners to tone it down to allow them that.

Home Upgrades Requiring Excessive Water

Immortalized is the phrase, “It seemed like a good idea at the time”, in view of three features which are typically more trouble than they’re worth, namely, huge jet tubs, built-in fish tanks, and extensive landscaping. Even if the home doesn’t happen to be in one of the many areas which necessitates rationing water, these features are overrated; remove or alter them before showing the home.

Converted and Redecorated…Sort of

While some people are excellent at DIYS, most are not. For example, if the garage was “converted” into an office or living area, chances are, it was done by a weekend warrior who had the best intentions but didn’t really know what they were doing. Not to mention, a garage is a bigger selling point than a converted….anything. Same goes for the heartfelt effort to decorate the family room walls with vinyl wall decals. Walls and floors fall into the same category as conversions- leave it to the professionals.

Niche Markets

There are naturally exceptions to every rule and niche markets fall into that category. Showing a home converted to an early 1900’s historical vignette is acceptable, so long as: 1. The seller understands that their buying market will be considerably smaller, and 2. The home is accurately represented in the listing copy as well as the listing photos. If potential buyers are expecting a rustic home with a loom in the family room, then all is good.

A home on the market should give the buyer just enough to stir their visual appetite so that when they go home that night, they dream of their favorite painting on the living room wall of the home you showed them.