How to Boost Your Online Presence with Instagram

In today’s society, social media has become paramount for business, especially for those in real estate. However, certain social media platforms are suited for this industry. Since its creation, realtors in Las Vegas and Instagram have experienced love at first sight.

Listing photos, interior design extravaganzas, and before-and-afters are the hallmarks of our industry. Instagram serves them up on a silver platter for potential clients.

As of September 2017, Instagram has 800 million active users. How many homes were you hoping to sell this year?

Let’s take a look at a couple tricks that will help you optimize your Instagram account and set yourself up for one of your best years yet.

1. Limit Your Listings

Don’t post all your listings on Instagram. But, when you have a real gem on your hands, share that.

You never know who might be scrolling on their lunch hour and will take notice of you.

The key here is not to share a typical listing photo. You can throw one or two into a slideshow, but try to be more creative than that.

Give that opening photo a twist. Take a portrait photo of your listing’s Wolf gas range. Zoom in on that herringbone wood flooring. See where we’re going?

2. Be a Videographer

In a world where less text is more, we’re moving on to short video clips.

It’s no wonder Instagram released their “Stories Feature.” You can share multiple photos and videos in a slideshow/video format.

Just be careful because “Stories” disappear in 24-hours.

Alas, Instagram still allows you to record 3-15 second videos. That’s enough time to showcase a mini house tour.

Maybe you’ll record yourself walking through the front door and into whatever room sparkles the most. Long, drawn out videos posted on other social media platforms, statistically lose viewer interest. The key to audience appeal is to remember that in 10-seconds, any good story can be told.

3. Showcase ‘Behind the Scenes’

Highlight the personality of your real estate offices Las Vegas.

Snap a photo with your broker. Record a high-energy vid of everything that goes into the prepping of the conference room on closing day. People love to feel like they are “behind the scenes.” It makes them feel a part of, rather than separated from you as their realtor.

As your creative photos and short videos start to expand your fan base, keep your followers intrigued.

Try to think outside the box. Share as much of a day-in-the-life as you can, increasing your likability. Yet, beware of boring your audience, and giving too much insight for your competitors to view.

4. Let Your Personality Sparkle

Speaking of likability, have you noticed that a lot of public personalities are attempting to draw back the curtain and offer a glimpse into their everyday lives?

This creates a tighter bond between their brand and fanbase.

Striking a balance between professional and likable, try to sprinkle in a couple splashes of color.

After you post that house tour, why not share a short vid of your four-legged friend greeting you after a long day at the office?

5. Quick Tips

Instagram etiquette is different for every industry. But, for our purposes, we wanted to give you a little framework.


In your caption, don’t just state the obvious.

Add a little context to the photo and provide a clear call to action.

Ask a question, ask for comments, and encourage people to visit your site.


Don’t overdo the hashtags.

Try to figure out which hashtags will get you a specific response from a targeted group of people, not just any people. And don’t make them too long.


Make three times per day your maximum posting rate.

Anything more than that may cause people to tune you out.

Also, when do the bulk of your followers tend to come on and give you a like or two?

Each industry varies, but pre-work hours (7 am – 10 am), lunch hours (11 am – 3 pm) and evenings (5 pm – 9 pm) tend to be the best times to post.

Just Another Feather In Your Marketing Cap

Beyond the glory of its ability to showcase alluring photos, Instagram can also be a powerful tool to help you land more clients.

As long as social media is around, it’ll be a feather in your online marketing cap.

Follow as many industry peers as you can and search for inspiration. Don’t be afraid to re-share other photos from magazines or industry leaders from different states. This shows that you are active on social media as well.

Also, feel free to visit our blog for more tips and tricks. We’re always updating it with your success in mind.