How to Get the Perfect Listing Photo

Listing homes online is a great way to get more real estate leads, but it’s difficult to make your listing stand out in the digital world. As buyers increasingly turn to the internet to find homes, listing photos are becoming more important than ever. First impressions happen almost exclusively online, and they’re no longer limited to the exterior of a home. Here are a few easy tips to ensure you make a great first impression with your online listing photos.

Invest in the Right Equipment

There are certain tools that you will need if you are serious about being a real estate agent. A decent camera is one of them. Most smartphones today are equipped with decent cameras, but if you have an older phone, it’s well worth it to invest in a quality camera.

Clean Up

No one watches an episode of Hoarders and thinks, “What a lovely home, I think I’ll make them an offer.” While your clients may not be collecting old newspapers or antique birdhouses, there may be some clutter here and there. It’s a good idea to remove as much clutter as you can and stage the home to look inviting. Kids toys, workout equipment, magazines, anything that can be removed should be, because you want every room to appear as big as possible.

Shoot the Corner or Doorway

This perspective will help you to get as much of the room as possible in the frame and achieve an open, spacious look – even if you’re selling a small home. You may be inclined to shoot down from a high point, but shooting about 40 inches off the ground, just below eye level, will give the photo a professional look that is ideal. After finding the right angle, you’re almost ready to create your masterpiece, but first…


Let There Be Light!

Be sure to take advantage of as much natural light as you can get in any room. Do not snap your photos on a cloudy day, and certainly not at night. For rooms with little or no natural light, use as much artificial light as you can. Bright, shiny and new—that’s what everyone wants to buy, so you should do your best to make your listing look that way.

Avoid Listing Photo Cameos

It seems like common sense, but there should be no people or animals in any of the photos. It’s weird, and it is impossible to look at a picture with a person in it and not focus on that person. You want potential buyers to be picturing themselves in every room, not wondering “Who is that in my house? Do they pay rent?” And finally, if all the above tips sound crazy or new to you…

When in Doubt, Hire a Professional Photographer

Whether you’re selling your own home or you’re an agent trying to sell a home, sometimes the best move is to hire a professional photographer. With high-quality cameras and photo editing apps easily accessible, it’s easier than ever for an amateur to produce professional-looking photos, but when in doubt, call the pros.
Taking the right pictures might take a bit of extra effort, but presenting a house in the right way can make a world of difference in the number of offers you receive.

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