How to Leave an Effective Sales Voice Message

With modern communication leaning more towards text messages and emojis by the day, leaving an effective sales voice message has become somewhat of a lost art. Gone are the days of people dropping everything to check their voicemail, which is why it is extremely important that the voice messages you leave on customer’s inboxes are as effective and enticing as possible. If you’ve enjoyed a less than stellar response to your previous voice messages, here are some helpful tips for following up with leads with voice messages that will produce more sales and create better relationships with customers.

Keep it short and sweet

Even though you may want to go into detail regarding your sales inquiry, consumers don’t want to listen to long voice messages. Additionally, many customers will likely delete or ignore extremely short messages. For the perfect length of a sales call, aim for a message that lasts 20-30 seconds. With a message lasting under a minute, you can easily pique the interest of customers without demanding a lot of their time.

Interest in your services, not who you are, is key

Many sales calls begin with the phrase: “Hello, my name is Joe Schmo and I work for…” While this may explain who you are and where you work, customers will almost certainly ignore this type of message. Instead, let your information do the talking. Consider leading your message with an interesting statistic or intriguing question to keep consumers absorbed. Remember that customers want to know how you can help them, not who you are and where you’re from. Try leaving your name and number at the end of the message, not the beginning.

Don’t go for the sale

The goal of a voice message isn’t to make a sale, but rather interest the customer enough to call back and see how you can help them achieve their dreams. Since messages should last no longer than 30 seconds, it is unlikely that you can properly pitch your services in that time period. Instead of going for the kill, bait your customers in by making them ponder how you can help them.

Mix it up and be unique

Everyone knows a sales message within seconds of hearing it, which is why it is vital that you spice things up and provide customers with a message they’ve never heard before. Be yourself – think of the voicemail you might leave your best friend or even mother, and then tone it back to make it more professional. People will be more likely to call back and inquire about services if you stand out in their minds, so make an effort to be different from the crowd.

While it can be tricky to know exactly what customers want to hear in a voicemail response, it is important that you take the time to craft your message to suit their needs. Remember that voice messages aren’t sales pitches and that you are human with feelings, not an automated robot. Be sincere, honest and effective to stand out in the minds of consumers. If you keep your message short, lead with something interesting, ease up on the sales talk and stand out from the crowd, prepare for an influx of returned calls.

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