How to Play Up a Neighborhood’s Positive Attributes

One of the most important factors potential home-buyers consider when purchasing a home is its location. Sure, city and zip code definitely come into play, but oftentimes the most important questions a client has about a home are about the neighborhood to which it belongs.

Reading Your Client

When introducing your client to a home, take cues on what to discuss based on your home-buyers age, style, and their interactions with you and anyone else while home shopping. You wouldn’t mention the new daycare center to a couple in their golden years or recommend the fine dining establishment down the street to brand new parents. Showing the right kind of knowledge and enthusiasm can be the difference between entering escrow or house hunting for another month.

Anticipating Your Client’s Questions

You should be able to answer neighborhood questions on everything from the age of most of the homes to the take-out options in the nearest shopping center. Of course, there are certain questions you can’t legally answer. That being said, there’s no excuse for not doing your homework about a neighborhood. If your clients are dissatisfied with the answers you’re providing, they may look to another real estate agent to help them find a home. Have you sold any homes in this neighborhood before? If so, mention previous clients you’ve worked with who were satisfied with their home purchases.

Finding the Positive Despite Potential Shortcomings

There’s always a way to find silver linings even if a neighborhood has its downsides. “Up-and-coming” or “emerging” are effective ways of describing neighborhoods that may be a little rough around the edges at present. Always remember to focus on the positive. If your clients observe a trait about a neighborhood that they perceive to be a drawback, acknowledge their concerns. However, you should respond in turn by mentioning what you perceive to be one of the neighborhood’s stronger qualities.

Given that the surrounding neighborhood is one of the essential elements that your client will take into account when searching for a home, it’s important that you present your home-buyers with any pertinent information about location. If you successfully highlight the desirable qualities of a neighborhood, your client is more likely to see the latest listing as their new home.

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