How to Sell an Ugly House

It’s not always about whether a house will sell, but whether a house will sell at the seller’s dream asking price. It’s no secret that houses that aren’t updated tend to sell for less than their beautifully manicured counterparts, and while you can’t control (or predict!) how a less-than-desirable home will fare in the Las Vegas real estate market, there are a few things you and your client can do to help get the most money for that ‘ugly’ house.

What’s a Fair Price?

How much less an ugly house will sell for depends on a variety of factors like neighborhood trends and the selling prices of comps in the area. If the home is in desperate need of major repairs and not just a few coats of paint, you can subtract the estimated cost of repairs from the ideal listing price in order to get closer to a realistic number. Once you’ve estimated and subtracted the cost of all repairs, it’s smart to add a ‘cushion’ for unforeseen costs and drop the price even lower. Chances are, your sellers won’t be ecstatic about the number you come up with.  Thankfully, there are cheap ways to give even the ugliest of houses a quick makeover.

Curb Appeal

A house’s exterior will often be the first thing potential buyers see – whether they’re coming to a showing or browsing online. Push your clients to clean up the front yard a bit, add a few plants, and paint the exterior of the house if their schedules and budget allow it. If painting is out of the option, consider giving the siding a power washing to clean it up a bit. Making the outside of a house attractive will allow buyers to imagine themselves living inside the house before they see it, which should make getting hit with the hard reality of repairs easier to digest once they step inside.

Stage for Success

Removing all clutter (and most of the furniture!) is a great way to open up a space and make it seem larger and more inviting. Before pictures are taken and the house officially hits the market, the house should be thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom, and any odors should be dealt with. A house with dated cabinets that smells like urine will usually sit on the market longer than a house with dated cabinets that smells like fresh lemons or cookies.

Write Positive Listing Copy

More and more buyers are opening up to the idea that renovating a house is a great way to earn quick equity and live in a space that truly feels like it’s theirs. Your MLS copy should play up the positives while talking about the opportunities the home has to truly shine. If the house needs new floors but has a great, open floor plan, highlight the floor plan in your copy. Buyers will see the floors in the photos and decide for themselves if it’s something they’d be interested in fixing or living with.

Not all houses are beautiful, but with the right strategy, all houses are sellable. Elite Realty has been arming Las Vegas real estate agents with the tools they need to stay competitive in this exciting real estate market. To learn about how joining an established, trusted brokerage can give you the edge you need, call 702-835-5255 to learn more.