How to Sell to Tough Customers

We’ve covered how to sell to first time home buyers and how to sell to indecisive home buyers, but those aren’t the only kinds of difficult buyers you’ll face in your career as a Realtor. Las Vegas Realtors typically meet a lot of potential clients who need an extra bit of coaxing, whether they’re frugal, cynical about trusting salespeople, or simply need convincing that buying is a smarter decision for them then renting. Reminding them of a few simple truths will help ease their concerns and help them feel comfortable making the right decision, which is buying their future home from you.

Buying is less expensive than renting

There are a lot of articles floating around the internet that claim renting is actually less expensive than buying a home, which simply isn’t true. While home buyers do have to pay for things like insurance and property taxes, they avoid the staggering costs that come with apartment life such as: rent costs rising at the end of (or even during!) a lease, having to pay first and last month’s rent upfront, non-refundable security deposits, pet fees, and the possibility of being evicted with little notice. If the buyer is in a good place financially, owning a home is always more cost-effective then renting, and reminding them of that will help you close the deal.

Homes are a great investment for most people

Homes make amazing long-term financial investments. When a person’s money is mostly in stocks and bonds, it’s easy to panic and sell at the first sign of a market downturn. However, a home acts as a sort of forced long-terms savings account, because you can’t sell it as easily as a stock, your client will reap the benefits of long-term investing like an early retirement. Additionally, aside from being a smart financial move, a home is superior to putting money in stocks in that it also provides a practical purpose of a roof over your client’s head.

They’re not just buying a house, they’re planning a future

The great thing about selling houses is that you aren’t just selling the physical house itself, you’re making your client’s lives better by getting them into their dream home. This is the home where they’ll raise their family, where they’ll feel safe and like they belong. Your ability to paint a prospective buyer a picture of what their life could look like living in the great home you’re showing absolutely will make the difference between selling and not selling a house. This can be done not just with your words, but through great house staging.

They can trust you

The absolute best way to win over even the most skeptical of potential buyers? Show them that you are a good, honest Realtor with their best interests in mind. Being honest about whether a neighborhood really is a good fit or helping them save money on mortgage financing will go a long way towards earning their trust and eventually placing them in a home that’s perfect for them.

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