How to Write Real Estate Listing Copy That Sells

One of the best ways to get more real estate leads is to write effective listing copy. Buyers are flooded with listings competing for their attention, but the right copy can give your listing an extra boost. Here’s how you can make your listing stand out with the right copy.

Don’t Rush the Buyer

It may seem like a good idea to add phrases like “Hurry!” or “Limited offer!” but more often than not, you end up alienating your audience. There are many potential buyers who aren’t quite ready to make an immediate purchase. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they are unqualified leads, but they may pass up your listing if they sense too much pressure to “buy now!” In addition, users may be able to see how long a house has been listed, and claiming that a stale offer is “limited” when it isn’t could sour the deal before it starts.

Play Up Specific Features

One way to really make your listing stand out is to mention specific brand names for household appliances. Major brand labels can help build trust, and many users search specifically for these labels. Be as specific as possible about any appliances that carry recognizable brand names.

Realtor Listing Copy Appliances Tip

Sell the Lifestyle

Remember that buyers are looking for more than a house; they’re looking for a home. Paint a picture of the lifestyle you are selling, not just the house. For example, you might mention that the living room in your listing is perfect for get togethers, or the backyard is perfect for barbecues. Leads are much more likely to buy when they can really visualize living in the home.

Include Local Information

There’s a very good chance that buyers are not fully familiar with your listing’s area. It’s helpful to provide buyers with information about the neighborhood, local attractions, parks, and any other points of interest. Don’t forget to follow up with clients about local resources for any sales you close.

Highlight Popular Selling Points

Get in the habit of asking all of your clients why they chose to buy a home. If you are working with the sellers, ask them what motivated them to buy the home in the first place. This can give you valuable insight about a property’s best selling points, which you can use to boost your listing.

Proofread Your Copy

Even a great listing can become less effective if it’s riddled with typos and grammatical errors. It’s well worth the extra time to proofread all of your copy before it goes live; your listing should represent your professionalism and trustworthiness.

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