Is Working from Home Hurting Your Real Estate Salary?

Even though the thought of rolling out of bed, making yourself coffee, and then starting your day without ever having to leave your house sounds appealing, is being able to spend all day, every day in your pajamas actually good for your bottom line? Here’s what you should know about how working from home can affect your real estate agent salary.

Distractions Hurt Productivity

We’ve all fallen into the trap of waking up with plans of having a productive day, only to get distracted by all of the other little things that suddenly seem much more important than actually getting real work done. The dog keeps dropping toys in your lap, the pile of laundry in your closet is calling your name, and the TV is literally just sitting there begging to be watched. It’s called procrastination, and it’s what makes us human. If you’re looking for a way to maintain your independence while holding yourself accountable to meeting your personal goals, joining a real estate brokerage might be the perfect next step in your career.

Building Relationships with Mentors & Influencers

There’s something to be said about the camaraderie that comes with working at a brokerage. Yes, all clients are great – but sometimes after showing a family their hundredth house, it’s nice to be able to share your experience with someone who has been in similar situations and knows what it’s like. If your office is a home office, chances are your best work friend is your cat – and while it’s easy to talk to a cat, getting a response can be a bit more difficult.

But in all seriousness, when you’re a real estate agent, sometimes the best way to stay “in the loop” about current trends is by talking to other agents. Your peers can be some of your best assets in the real estate business, and successful realtors know how to create and maintain lasting friendships that are beneficial both personally and professionally. The daily interactions you’ll have while working in an office is an easy way to keep up with what’s going on in your local market. Not only is working in an office or brokerage a great way to find leads, it’s also a great opportunity to meet and foster relationships with experienced agents and brokers who make excellent mentors.

Take Advantage of Walk-in Real Estate Leads

A good agent understands the importance of finding good leads. Walk-in clients are another thing to consider when you’re weighing the pros and cons of working from home. An iconic office that’s been part of the community for many years will have more people stopping by to learn more about buying or selling a home than your home office will.

Finding the Balance

Good real estate brokerages will go out of their way to help their agents succeed – because everyone does better when everyone does better. For example, Las Vegas real estate broker, Elite Realty, is committed to helping all of its realtor estate agents become better, more effective entrepreneurs by offering programs like Elite University, which offers free access to marketing tools, forms, vendors, industry news, and training videos. Plus, all new agents can benefit from mentorship programs, designed to help new real estate agents learn the tricks of the trade while making great friends in the process.

The Next Step

Joining a brokerage doesn’t mean that you have to completely give up the luxuries of working in your pajamas. You can choose your own schedule and come in when it’s convenient for you – and still respond to emails as you’re taking your first sip of your morning coffee. Take a look at what sets Elite Realty apart from other real estate brokerages in Las Vegas and decide for yourself if joining a team of real estate professionals is right for you.