Keeping in Touch with Real Estate Clients – The Right Way

Keeping in touch with past clients is vital to a successful real estate career because former clients provide a steady stream of referrals and repeat business. Before you jump in and reach out to everyone in your address book, take a look at these tips to avoid being seen as a lead-hungry real estate agent who’s always emailing, mailing, or calling. How can you keep in touch with your clients in a manner that is memorable and professional, and not annoying and bothersome?

Offer Information Your Clients Can Use

Your former clients will appreciate useful information about the local housing market. Many homeowners and investors are interested in relevant foreclosure information, information on the mortgage market, remodeling ideas, home maintenance tips, home design tips, and the current value of the other homes in their neighborhood. Whether or not they’re looking to buy, sending this information in a monthly e-newsletter will show them that you’re a trusted expert, which will make them more likely to refer your services to their friends and family. It’s important that the information you deliver to your former clients is pertinent and highly valuable, otherwise it’s likely that they will disregard the message completely.

Give Useful Gifts

Useful gifts are much less likely to get tossed aside, making them much more likely to make a lasting impression on your clients. Simple presents such as useful tools for the kitchen, house-shaped paper clips, bottle openers, and refrigerator magnets are great gestures the will remind your former clients of you.

Send Cards

One of the most effective ways of building memorable relationships with your clients is simply remembering and acknowledging important events in their lives. Send off-season cards to avoid getting mixed up with everyone else who sends popular holiday cards. You can send thanksgiving cards, birthday cards with a unique touch, home anniversary cards (to celebrate anniversaries of closing on your clients’ homes), and daylight savings time reminders. If you don’t have the time to write out the cards by hand, it’s a nice touch to at least sign your name and a quick, personalized note.

Pick Up the Phone

Follow up with your clients with a quick phone call after they move in to check on them and offer your assistance if needed. Ask them how they’re settling in, and if they need any recommendations on move-in services, great restaurants in the area, or anything else that might help them feel more at home. Referring your clients to people in your network will not only benefit your clients – it’ll also help you. The professionals in your network will be more than happy to return the favor with referrals down the road.

Send Follow-Up Surveys

After each transaction, you can use customer feedback surveys to make contact with former clients and show them that you really care about finding better ways to serve your clients in future. Make sure you send customer satisfaction surveys as soon after the closing date as possible, so the process is still fresh in your clients’ minds/ The survey should be brief and should ask clients about the services they liked and areas that need to be improved.

Create Social Networking Connections

Online social networking websites make it quite easy to keep in touch with your former clients on an informal and more personal basis. Social networking platforms can be very useful, especially when it come to collecting vital information such as when a client is having a baby, getting married, or (perhaps most importantly) moving! You can either choose to create a business page for yourself or reach out from your personal profile. Whichever you choose, make sure you stay active on at least one platform.

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