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Real Estate Agent Tips: Out Of Town Clients

As a realtor, opportunities arise from time to time when you get a client that is deciding to move from another city or state. Helping your client through this process has a new set of challenges than that of a local client. Here are our real estate agent tips for helping you through this process. Respect Your Client’s Time Horizon: Time is paramount. No matter your business model or industry, time is the one commodity that comes in short supply. In Las Vegas, real estate brokers¬†(agents) are constantly challenged by this market force. Thankfully, top real estate brokers can...

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Will Millennials or Gen-Z Influence the Real Estate Market Faster?

Millennials or Gen-Z – we break down which group we believe will have a bigger impact on the real estate market over the next several years.

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Be the Best Real Estate Agent by Working with the Best

A guide for real estate agents whom want to reach the top of the industry. Being the best means working with the best!

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How to Play Up a Neighborhood’s Positive Attributes

One of the most important factors potential home-buyers consider when purchasing a home is its location. The attributes of the neighborhood are important.

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Why Discounting Your Commission Spells Doom

While it may be tempting for any Realtor to discount their commission in order to pick up more business, doing so is not a good idea.

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Potential Home Selling Issues You May Not Realize

There are many obstacles in real estate that can occur when selling your home. Here’s a guide outlining those obstacles & how to handle them.

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