Think Like a Luxury Real Estate Agent

Real estate is the one investment proven to continue to grow over time, making it a desirable asset to own. With beautiful homes fetching significant prices all over the country, why not gain a foothold into the world of luxury housing if you have the choice to do so? Here are a few tips to think and act like a luxury real estate agent.

Think Differently

Society today is more open to new ideas than it has ever been, so why not take the opportunity to suggest a repurposing of a property. Perhaps a multi-million dollar home might make a great new niche hotel, retreat or local business in town. Instead of waiting for property to come up for sale, look into building a relationship with commercial real estate developers. By having an exclusive relationship, you may aid in form and function of the property based on your knowledge of buyer desired amenities. These include the area schools, shops and price points, which in turn will allow you exclusive access to open houses and marketing. If you can offer the buyer something they can’t get anywhere else, such as a spectacular view or large lot, your sale will be that much easier.

Make the Most of your Property

You are more likely to sell a staged home, especially if you can show the potential buyer what they imagine in their head. If you’re going to stage a house, try to make it feel as luxurious as possible. Here are a few tips to consider to increase the perceived value of the home.

  1. Use as much natural light as possible and lighten up those dark corners with mirrors, beautifully crafted lamps or interesting hanging lights.
  2. Flowers, branches and brightly colored fruit can make a room appear more luxurious.
  3. Curtains hung from the ceiling, rather than just above the window, make the ceiling look higher.
  4. By adding architectural moulding to the ceiling, baseboards, chair rail, box trim, etc., you generate a feeling of craftsmanship and luxury.
  5. Throw pillows larger than 18” are lavish.
  6. Wood floors add more value than carpet, so shine it up if you’ve got it.
  7. Leave an extra room empty and utilize a 3D projector to show them what it might look like as a kids room, gym or media room.

By showcasing the luxurious features of a home, you are more likely to see better results and quicker sales compared to traditional open houses. For more information on the leading real estate brokers in Las Vegas, give us a call today at (702) 835-5255.