Top Staging Tips from Industry Pros

Did you know 58% of sellers’ agents believe staging increased the value of their home? Meanwhile, 97% of buyers’ agents believe staging had an effect on their client’s opinion of the home.

With numbers like that, it’s worth nudging your clients to try and stage a little.

They don’t have to go all out and hire a staging company (not that that would be frowned upon). They may only need a nip here and a tuck there.

Since we can’t expect our clients to totally makeover their house, we targeted five areas industry pros commonly highlight.

Ready to help that first time home buyer fall in love with their future home?

1. Declutter

There’s nothing pretty about clutter. It closes in a space and makes you wonder when you can break free.

When selling a home, we have to showcase open spaces that are packed full of sunlight.

Removing an old stack of magazines here, 100 knickknacks there, and the wow-factor of any living room has been drastically reduced.

As you try to encourage your clients to declutter, remind them all this effort NOW, means a lot less stress LATER.

2. Clean Closets

Closets serve a similar function to that open floor-plan everyone likes to see.

And we know potential homebuyers are going to open those closets to see what kind of storage they’re being offered.

Nothing’s worse than opening a closet door and seeing it sloppily packed to the gills. In fact, that sounds like one of our worst nightmares.

While your clients are knee deep in decluttering, encourage them to sift through the closets, especially in the master bedroom and foyer.

3. Ample Counter-space

Since kitchens and bathrooms are focal points throughout the entire sales process, make sure a vision is being created.

Pose the obvious question:

Would you like to see a counter cluttered with papers, appliances, coffee mugs, and utensils?

Or would you like to see ample space to bake holiday cookies every year?

Try to plant a seed in their mind that they should store all their appliances away when they’re not being used.

4. Pretty Paint

The best way to expand that decluttered space is through a fresh coat of neutral paint.

If it’s starting to feel like one of your houses is not getting as much attention as you’d like, start looking at the nitty-gritty.

Suggest your clients paint the ground floor to convey wide open spaces.

5. Curb Appeal

What’s the first thing a client sees when they walk up to the house?

While landscaping and trim can all be overlooked in the grand scheme of things, why be mediocre when you can be alluring?

We have a friend who presents her clients with a new set of house numbers at the start of their relationship.

Freshening up any little detail on the exterior of a home will be worth every drop of time and money.

5. Deep Clean

With their gardening tools in the shed, their paint cans discarded, and their ground floor decluttered, it’s time to roll out the buckets and Clorox every square inch.

Okay, maybe expectations have to be managed here. If your client still lives in the house or has a couple of kids, Mr. Clean may not be present for every showing.

But, like those countertops, you can encourage your client to be just a bit more conscientious.

For more tips, take a look at some of our resources, including our real estate business plan.

Every day, new families are searching for real estate companies Las Vegas. We wish you and your team great success!