Turning Transactions into Relationships

Any seasoned real estate broker will tell you that it’s easier to improve the relationship with the clients you already have rather than generating new business. This approach is more rewarding on all levels – it’s more cost-effective, less time-intensive, and it has a way of creating more professional satisfaction. Additionally, at the end of the day it’s better for the people you serve as well – knowing they have a broker they can trust makes for a happier client and that’s what it’s all about.

Here are a few tips to leveraging a transaction into a long-lasting relationship.

Be a Trusted Resource

Realtors in Las Vegas know that ours is a dynamic market. So if you’re the kind of professional who knows about housing trends, has a good perspective on the housing landscape, and is up to date on the latest loan products; you’ll become an invaluable resource to clients. You can be their go-to source for information on the market, even if they’re not buying or selling at the moment. Knowing where to direct your client for a good local property management company or a good landscaper can go a long way in making you invaluable to your clients. By taking courses, attending seminars, and staying up to date with reading trade journals, you can become your clients’ personal real estate “Google” – the source they go to first whenever they have questions.

Stay in Touch

We’ve talked about all the different strategies for maintaining ongoing communications with your clients, including utilizing social media, surveys, phone calls and monthly newsletters. These are all tools you should have in your toolbox. However, try to avoid a one-size-fits-all approach…the key is to determine how your clients like to communicate, and then focusing on those communication methods. Millennials might prefer to hear from you via social media or text, whereas older clients may appreciate a phone call or a newsletter. Don’t depend on demographic stereotypes though; take the time to get to know your clients well enough so that you know their preferences for communication.

Don’t Forget Special Occasions

Many brokers find that a well-timed message during the holidays is the best business-building tool there is. Even if you haven’t worked with a client for a number of years, remember to reach out to them during that time. Other milestones like births, anniversaries, and graduations, present good opportunities for you as well. If your clients are active on social media and you’ve connected that way, this gives you a window into their lives and a mechanism for reaching out with a thoughtful message during the right moments. Don’t just rely on digital communication – a card with a handwritten note says a lot more.

Make it an Experience

Consumer trends indicate that more and more people value the experience of a transaction almost as much as the product itself. That’s especially true for Las Vegas realty companies. You’re doing more than helping your clients buy or sell a home – you’re also positioning yourself as a “product” they’ll want to come back to in the future. Remember that every step in the process is an opportunity to make their experience with you positive and memorable.

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